Link of The Week 060610

This is a collection of tutorials, inspirations, articles, and interesting stuffs I found this week. I hope you like it too.

1. Tutorials

Create a Detailed, Vector-based iPhone Illustration, Part 1

An Illustrator tutorial showing us how to create an iPhone, complete with all its 16 icons. They split the tutorial into two, read the second part here.

Link Minggu Ini 060610

How to illustrate a colorful hippie peace van

Another Illustrator tutorial, this one showing us how to create a hippie van from the 70's.Link Minggu Ini 060610

Quick Tip: Create a Complex Pattern by Nudging Smart Objects

My latest quick tip for Psdtuts+. In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to cleverly use a smart object to create a complex pattern.

Link Minggu Ini 060610

2. Inspirations

Nick Brandt

A collections of wild life photography from Nick Brandt.

Link Minggu Ini 060610

23 Awesome Examples of Design as a Force For Good

This one from Psdtuts old archive. A collections of graphic design work that effectively sends out social message. The author not just showing the pictures but also review each one of them.

Link Minggu Ini 060610


I discover this while doing a research for my InDesign tutorial in Vectortuts+. The blog author shows a minimalis book layout that they created for a client.

Link Minggu Ini 060610

A rough week for Guatemala

Collections of photos from disasters in Guatemala. The people there had volcanic eruption, ash fall, landslide, and flood. These 34 photos captured the tragedies faced by the people of Guatemala. You can also see a sinkhole with diameter 30 m and depth more than 60 m in middle of a city.

Link Minggu Ini 060610

3. Articles

5 Hal Penting Terkait Warna pada Desain Grafis

This article shows us the basic foundation of color impact in graphic design.
Link Minggu Ini 060610

Group Interview: Client Based Photo Manipulation

Interview with a group of respected designer, discussing their workflow while creating a project for their client. Each designer shows a project they did and discuss it.

Link Minggu Ini 060610


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