Interview with Richie Thimmaiah from Richworks

As a blogger and part of the design community, I have great opportunity to know many people in the design industry. Now, let me introduce you to Richie Thimmaiah owner of richworks. He's a new blogger but have done a very good job in his site. I also wrote a tutorial for his awesome site which you can read here.

interview with richie thimmaiah

Hi Rich. Before move on with this interview, can you tell us who you are and your activies.

Hello Everyone, My name is Richie Thimmaiah. I live in the lovely city of Bangalore, India. I am graduating as an Electronics Engineer. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon this amazing photo-editing tool called Photoshop. Initially I used it just to meddle with my photographs but later I started to experiment with it and have been hooked onto it ever since.

Graphic designing is my hobby and I love looking at other designer’s works. Apart from aspiring to become a digital artist, I love blogging, listening to music, playing  football .. yeah i just love football.

interview with richie thimmaiah

I’ve known you since you were blogging using free account. So, what makes you decide to move on few steps further with

Yes, before moving onto my own website, i used to blog at wordpres hosted site. Initially, i didn’t feel like blogging because it takes a lot of time and hard work to maintain a blog, but when i came across site such as Abduzeedo, PSDTuts, and Smashing Magazine which used to constantly share information and tutorials related to design, I wanted to share my skills and knowledge as well. But, eventually I realized I had to get my own website with paid domain if I wanted to become serious about blogging on design. So, on December 2009, with a help of a friend, i launched Richworks. Ever since, I have never looked back.

interview with richie thimmaiah

Your site is new, if I’m not mistaken its only 4-5 months, but you’ve grown very fast. You already have active community and I’ve seen it tweeted by the big guys from design blog. How do you do that?

It started out officially on 1st Jan, 2010, so it is around 4 months old.

Well, to be honest, i always wish I started blogging and designing a bit earlier. To account for such a loss, i started to utilize the power of social media right from the beginning. I started commenting wisely in many blogs leaving a trail to my website so that people can check out my blog and provide some suggestions for mine.

There are so many design blogs on the web today that it has become extremely difficult to provide original content daily. With sites such as PSDTuts and Tutorial9 publishing quality Photoshop tutorials everyday, it has become a challenge to run a personal design blog.

Being a part of the community is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The main reason my blog has become what it is today is due to the awesome friends I have, like you and many others, who constantly support me and promote my stuff. We are nothing without the community. They help us grow and become better designers and bloggers.

interview with richie thimmaiah

What’s your plan for Richworks in the future?

Well, right now I haven’t yet decided anything about the future of Richworks. I’m sure I will think of something on the way. At the moment, my only aim is to provide great information and awesome tutorials and keep the community busy with learning new and interesting things from the world of design.

interview with richie thimmaiah

I’ve read some of your article and I have to admit you’re doing a great job. Tell us, what makes your article stands up from the others and the creative process behind it?

Well, I try to keep my article as unique as possible. I want to make sure I provide awesome content which is rarely found in other blogs. Whenever I think of an idea for my next blog post, I do a lot of research on it and try to find as much resources as possible and only then, do I write an article on that. I always value my readers’ suggestions and interest. Its hard to keep your readers engaged, so I try my best to keep my articles as simple and interesting as possible. Great effort always results in great rewards.

Sometimes, I ask my friends about their opinion on my ideas and also seek some suggestions, so that I can further improve the quality of my article. Most of all, I am honest with what I write and what I share. Hard work always helps you to climb the ladder of improvement faster.

If you want to know more on how a design article should be written, you can see one of my previous posts :

interview with richie thimmaiah

If you have to choose between being a designer or a blogger, what will it be?

Definitely a designer. I get so much fun working with Photoshop than searching for ideas for my next blog post. Although, I must admit I do like blogging as I get to interact with other like minded people and learn a lot from other blogs and articles that I write in my blog.

If you want to be a true artist, you have to design, design, and design. If you have a great network, where you and your friends collaborate and work together, then blogging is really an advantage. Otherwise, if you are on your own, it will take time to make your blog popular. Nonetheless, you should never let blogging come in the path of becoming a designer. Share your skills, teach a few people who are eager to learn, but don’t forget to keep practicing and learning new things.

interview with richie thimmaiah

Any advices for new blogger out there?

Well, my only advice is, keep learning and sharing knowledge. Read thought provoking articles in other blogs because this will widen your horizon on creativity and thinking.

Always keep practicing and experimenting until you find a style or a design discipline that you love and enjoy working on, and always try out new things. Work on personal projects and develop your skills. Join a blogging forum and build a constructive discussion around your friends. Explore new areas of design, understand the principles and try employ them in your daily life, work environment and projects. Be optimistic and always find inspiration in what you do and learn.

interview with richie thimmaiah

Thank you for your time, Rich. Finally, please list out any social networks where users can find you and connect.

You are most welcome, Jeprie and thanks a ton for letting me share my thoughts with you and your readers. It has been real fun working with you and I wish you and your blog a great future.

You can find me here:


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