Creating 3D Text with Flower Texture

As usual, DesainDigital will give you a high quality tutorial. For now, we will create a 3D text with flower texture on it. To follow this tutorial, you need Illustrator and of course, Photoshop.

Materials needed:

1. In Illustrator create character T then click Effect|3D|Extrude & Bevel. Use settings shown belllow.



2. Do the sama for Y, P, and O. For every letter turn its position by clicking and drag right or left inside the preview box. The result shown below.


3. Select each characters one by one, click Edit|Copy. Open Photoshop then click Edit|Paste. Choose Smart Object in paste dialog box.


4. Create a new path then carefully trace front face of the texts.


5. Change path to selection by hitting ctrl+Enter. Create new layer then add gradient from black to white.


6. Remove selection (ctrl+D). Lower layer's opacity to 20%.


7. Activate custom shape tool. From shape list pick shape that's shown below.


8. Create this in bottom of the picture. Lower its opacity to 15%.


9. Click Layer|Layer Style|Gradient Overlay. Use settings shown below.


10. Create new layer above gradient that we have created before. Load brush flower. Draw some flowers in front the letters.


11. Click Layer|Create Clipping Mask. All those flowers will move inside the letters faces. take down its opacity ke 20%.


12. Load suddenly spring brush. Now, draw some flowers behind the letters.


13. Sometimes we feel limited by the brush shape. To work this out, open brushes panel and change Angle or click and move the arrow inside the preview brush to spin it. This way, you can make every brush stay unique.


14. Download picture clouds. Paste it to our picture. Move it to the bottom.


15. Give it layer mask. Paint with black until only a few clouds visible. Lukis dengan hitam hingga hanya sedikit awan yang terlihat. Take down its opacity to 5%. This will give the text a subtle effect, subtle but interesting.


16. Create bigger flower in new layer.


17. Hit Filter|Blur|Gaussian Blur. This technique will give depth of field effect. I have discussed this technique in flying man tutorial.


18. Until now we only use black. Boring? No problem,from Adjustments panel choose Hue/Saturation. Activate colorize and move its sliders to give colors to the picture.


19. In this step, i just realize that the text is way too small. I could just do it all over again, but i'll cut this picture with crop tool to have this composition.


20. In the bottom of the text, create new layer. Fill it with back to white radial gradient and fill it.


21. Bring down the layer's opacity to 10%. This gradient will add more visibility to the text.


22. create new layer under the texts. using lasso poligon tool create selection for every letter's shadows. Fill it with black.


23. Click Filter|Blur|Gaussian Blur. Bring down layer's opacity to 50%.

24. Create another new layer, manually paint black using soft brush (0% opacity) right below parts of the letter that touch directly to the floor.


25. And here's our end result. Click here or click on the picture to see it in high resolution.


So, do you learning something from this tutorial? If you do, i'd love to hear your comments.


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